EMDR Therapy in Atlanta, Georgia

EMDR Therapy in Atlanta, Georgia

EMDR Therapy- Promising A Better Life

EMDR therapy is a highly effective procedure to make a person forget about the traumas that he faced in the past. This is done to eliminate the past’s bad memories that lead to anxiety, depression, relationship problems, overthinking, low self-esteem, and workplace problems. When people lose their zeal and zest due to traumas, EMDR helps bring them back to life.

EMDR Therapy relaxes your brain by accessing its information processing systems and memory and reprocessing the bad memories stored here. EMDR therapy is massively successful, and the world is using this to get rid of traumas and psychological stresses due to traumas associated with their past.

Old memories associated with bad events that happened in the past can make people depressed and create a mis-balance in their lives. A healthy body must have a healthy mind, and EMDR therapy takes care of your mental health if it falls apart due to the dark parts of your life. EMDR trauma therapy is equally helpful in information reprocessing and getting rid of psychological disorders.

EMDR counseling is also beneficial for those people who suffer from PTSD and other psychological issues. EMDR trauma therapy is a psychotherapy technique that helps in relieving psychological stress. It has been an effective treatment for people who start thinking that they will never live happily again.

How does EMDR work?

EMDR is Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy. It uses eye movements or bilateral stimulation to dull the reactions people show based on the Little T and Big T trauma incomplete processing. When you go for EMDR therapy, then a therapist does some treatments such as following the back and forth a moment of fingers.

EMDR therapist determines your negative thoughts and then replaces them with positive ones so that you could get rid of past traumas. The eyes’ bilateral stimulation helps you lose focus on your past and uproot bad experiences from your memory. EMDR treatment is beneficial for focusing on your future life instead of history.

Almost every one of us suffers from pain and traumas. Some people quickly heal, but many get stuck in the past. During REM sleep, the mind keeps on reprocessing the past, but during EMDR, the eye movement encourages making appropriate neural connections instead of disrupted ones. EMDR therapy for PTSD helps the patients to discard what is evil and store what is right.

How is EMDR Therapy done?       

EMDR therapy has eight phases, and EMDR certified therapists do it. During the treatment, the person receiving it stays fully awake and takes control of his mental capabilities. Through bilateral stimulation, the brain starts to reprocess the information and jump-starts to make fast connections. During sessions, many new neural paths are developed, and the older one is demolished.

Positive changes in emotions, beliefs, and insights are enhanced in EMDR therapy, and understanding of past life increases that treat traumas in a few sessions. EMDR therapy for anxiety is equally effective in forgetting the reasons associated with some traumas in the past. EMDR ensures better results and a better life ahead.

The treatment phase using EMDR Therapy includes information reprocessing and eye movements to desensitize and recall the bad memories to reprocess them into positive ones. EMDR specialists use techniques to remove traumatic events from your bad memories, and through natural healing, induce positive thoughts.

Benefits of EMDR Therapy

EMDR trauma therapy is beneficial for getting out of the past, and you finally start living life instead of letting life consume you. You get freedom from trauma. EMDR depression therapy takes you out of sensitive reactions, anxiety disorders and lets you transform and make new self-identity. EMDR Therapy unshackles you from the past pain and releases you from the shame and guilt of the past, and allows you to know your self-worth.

EMDR therapy is based on rapid eye movements that help to come out of negative thoughts, bad memories associated with traumatic events, physical sensations, and disturbing events. The bilateral stimulations help in desensitization and reprocessing that enhance natural healing and improve mental health.

Ultimately, EMDR Therapy improves your mental health, and you start living a peaceful life again. It is mainly for those people who suffer from traumas that happened in the past. That may include child abuse, physical abuse, accidents, or sexual abuse in the past. EMDR therapy helps in getting out of negative thoughts and bringing a positive change in life.

When you need EMDR Therapy?

Suppose you are trapped in memories that never leave you. You feel anxious most of the time, or you want to run away from the situations that remind you of bad incidents. Likewise, if you begin avoiding your loved ones and ruin your relations, then you must go for EMDR Therapy once. First of all, you have to search for the EMDR specialist near you and then go for the therapy. Understanding EMDR psychology will make you go in favor of getting this therapy.

Unprocessed memories such as phobias, negative beliefs, deaths, and abuses of several kinds can make your life abnormal, and EMDR trauma therapy helps you deal with it. EMDR therapy is equally suitable for people who suffer bomb blasts, shooting, injuries, emotional abuses, or parents’ and siblings’ death. EMDR counseling can help them get rid of these past traumatic events.

Traumas left untreated and unhealed in the past are treated through EMDR, bringing positive life changes. People who had lost their faith in life could get a better one through EMDR Trauma Therapy because it improves the human mind’s positivity and eliminates all the negative thoughts.

EMDR Therapy is crucial for maintaining the self-respect and self-identity of the patient. The bilateral eye movements bring the old memories back, and information reprocessing changes them with the events that don’t affect them afterward. Moreover, this therapy is suitable for those imprisoned in their pasts and cannot return to their happy life. Such people are always searching for an exit, and this therapy leads them towards that exit.

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