Christian Integrative Therapy in Atlanta, Georgia

Christian Integrative Therapy in Atlanta, Georgia

Christian Integrative Therapy

Are the Earthly daily life Challenges You are Facing Raging Vehemently Like a Storm?

Have You Tried Everything Possible, and You Seem Overlaid with Loads of Cares?

You Need a Partner in That Storm and Based on Christian Faith and Psychology. We will Navigate through the Storms!

What do We Offer?

We Christian therapists at Beacon offer Christian Integrative Therapy. Therapy is the process of proffering solutions to problems of an individual and families. At the same time, Integrative therapy is a type of therapy that believes in every psychotherapy aspect.

They are not stereotypic nor follow the conventional way of therapy. In recent times, integrative therapy is becoming more prominent. As integrative therapists, we use different approaches to human life to meet the needs of a client.

Integrative therapy allows the therapist to look into all aspects of life to deal with the therapeutic issue. These aspects could be psychological, systemic, behavioral, social, cognitive, or spiritual.

This method has accrued much success over the years, as it worked for many health services conditions. And as Christian Integrative Therapists, we add Biblical faith and Principles in Proffering Solutions to your Problems.

The Christian counseling sections we offer bother on not only Problems relating to Christian beliefs but also on one or more of the following areas:

  • Life transitions
  • Stress management
  • Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma
  • Self Esteem
  • Couples and Families Lives
  • Career guide
  • Conflicts
  • Addiction
  • Adolescence and Peer Pressure
  • Anger management

Why Do You Need Christian Integrative Therapy?

God made human beings comprising a body, soul, and spirit. Each of these components adds up to make an individual, and it largely determines the whole human. To fully come to the measure of the designs of God in humans, integrative therapy is necessary.

Some people hold the belief that because they are Christians, they are immune from challenges. Just like every other individual, Christians face their challenges, too, although they may appear different from others.

Other means of integrative therapy cannot effectively handle many of these challenges that face Christians. Christian integrative therapy combines different aspects of therapy with faith. It meets with the desire of a person with their religious beliefs. And it sees all areas of our clients’ lives, be it emotionally, physically, and mentally with the spiritual eye.

Christian integrative therapy puts the theories of Christianity into use in psychotherapy. Your emotions, musings, and behavior are put together along with faith. Many get confused on why they need to seek a therapist.

They do not know that they are religious doesn’t mean they would not need to seek therapy to help them experience life changes. Being a Christian brings freedom, joy, and help in times of need.

But the provisions made available to you as a Christian must be deployed to care for all aspects of the complete human. In Christian integrative therapy, the scripture is the basic guide in meeting the needs of the clients.

Sometimes a Christian can get into a habit that is shameful and can adversely affect mental health. Alone, it may not be easy to get out of such a situation. You might read the scripture and pray, and you may still require reaching out to a qualified faith-based therapist who will help with problems.

Dealing with issues personally is one reason Christians don’t get to overcome their problems. They eventually die of guilt or fear of the aftermaths of their actions. A Christian is stronger with the help of others, especially the experienced ones.

Christian therapy makes use of Prayer, scriptures, and other faith-based actions. With this, our clients always stay healthy, longer, and happy.

How do we Help You?

We are well-trained to execute our services. Our services are often lumped with pastoral care because we help you see the loving-kindness of God to humankind in forgiveness, restoration, and reformation. We encourage our clients to develop an intimate relationship with God to overcome their challenges.

If you have a mental health issue or an experience you cannot handle, you can visit us. Speaking out has a way of healing and making you experience peace.

We share with the pains of our clients like Jesus wants us to. You don’t have to be perturbed about your level of faith. We have a way of using our faith levels to deal with challenges.

Our attitude and demeanor are friendly and non-judgemental, helping our clients open up to us while assisting them in the healing process.

You don’t need to hesitate to get in touch with us. We want to be partners in solving your challenges and help in the healing process. Whether you want a quick online section with a licensed professional counselor or one-on-one meeting with a Christian counselor or family therapist, get in touch with us.

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