Child & Adolescent Therapy in Atlanta, Georgia

Child & Adolescent Therapy in Atlanta, Georgia

Child Therapy

Children are the happiest soul. They are carefree, playful, and ignorant to real-life challenges. We were all once a free bird, with no responsibilities to shoulder upon. Yet, how many of us as kids and teens have faced challenges? Did you even know

What was actually happening to you?

Similarly, a child and adolescent might encounter difficulties that are oblivious to them. They might be anxious, depressed, or lost. You might suddenly find your child quiet and disoriented. Are they not as eager to play with other children as before? Are they trying to isolate themselves?


Children often fail to realize the difficulties which may occur due to different circumstances. Some trouble in school or a change in personal life can affect their mental health. In such a scenario, if you notice any change in a child’s behavior do not ignore it. It is imperative to immediately act upon it.

Working with a child can be tough. On one hand, you may lack the expertise to understand their situation. On the other, they might be reluctant to even speak to you.

In such cases, introducing them to a child therapist for help can prove effective. A therapy session can support kids and teens in understanding their mental state. It is significant for children in developing the right mental condition. Our distinct clinical child adolescent psychology sessions at Beacon Counseling provide complete assistance to help them relieve their condition.


What is Child Therapy?

At a tender age, a child confused with their emotions can hardly express their feelings. Whether scared, traumatized, lonely, or even sick, children are unable to emote their thoughts. A child therapist can help them seek their direction, express feelings, and determine right behavior.

Child therapy is designed to use an evidence-based approach for counseling the child and adolescent. The therapy technique aims to counsel kids and teens with right social, emotional, and mental health development. The first step to right counseling is to help the child express. The counselors help children map their problems and help them open up with their feelings.

A child can be vulnerable to any situation. It is imperative to understand their problems. Being too direct with a child can be harmful. As such, a child therapist can recognize and identify the hitch. They clearly know the process. The expert tactics help them to get friendly with the child and build a relationship. Once familiarity is developed, the child will feel comfortable in sharing their challenges.

The child therapist recognizing the problems faced by the child and adolescent would initiate therapies as suitable. Our professional therapies include:

Play Therapy:

A playful environment always attracts children. It makes them comfortable and helps them in opening up with the child therapist conveniently. Play therapy is useful for kids and teens who are facing internal glitches. During play therapy, it is easy for our therapist to converse, ask questions, and gauge the child’s problems. A friendly environment supports them in sharing their anomalies without any fear. Additionally, exercises can make them relaxed to share what they are going through.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

Our thought process has a major impact on our minds and feelings. Our emotions are rather driven by our thoughts. Thus, our expert child therapist at Beacon Counseling ensures that your child is aware of their thoughts and feelings. The feelings that are changing their behavior are deeply gauged upon during the cognitive behavioral therapy session. During this process, the child is made to realize his or her thoughts which might be ruling their feelings subconsciously. This helps the child to acknowledge and address their changing behavior driven by the situation and feelings. It is an excellent corrective therapy for kids and teens.

Why Child Therapy?

A traumatic episode, mental, and emotional disorders faced during childhood can have long-term repercussions if not treated on time. Treating your child at the right time can help in molding a brighter future for them. It certainly leads to a positive development in their growing ages.

As your child might be facing several issues within, struggling all alone, finding a friend in strangers can be far more relaxing. A child therapist can exactly be that friend for your child.

However, we at Beacon Counseling understand your doubts. Leaving your child at someone’s perusal at such a tender age can be troublesome. Thus, we ensure to provide the best counselors in Atlanta for your child.

Our child therapist understands the intricacy of the situation. They are sensitive and promise to take good care of your child. They are children-friendly with complete know-how of their domain. As professionals, they understand that therapies might be the course of action, but it is warmth and the right approach that matters in the case of children.

We also understand how each child is unique. Their problems are distinct and, in some case, cannot be addressed through such therapies. Hence, at Beacon Counseling, our counselors love to spend time with them to understand, brainstorm, strategize, and plan each session meticulously. Our skilled child therapists ensure result-oriented sessions that would prove beneficial for your child not just in the present but also in the future. They care, and our best counselors in Atlanta guarantee the comfort and complete well-being of your kids and teens.

Benefits of Child Therapy:

If you are still thinking about whether child therapy is a good choice or not, here are some of the benefits for you:

  • Learn to express their problems without any inhibition
  • Learn greater social skills
  • Learn to be confident about themselves
  • Overcome internal confronts
  • Alleviate fear and unease
  • Become emotionally stronger
  • Learn to figure out their problems and fight with themselves

Hence, if you have a single but prolonged change in your child and adolescent, try to speak to them instantaneously. In such cases, time is of key essence. Your child is unique and special. We suggest immediate help to avoid any future impairment- mental, emotional, or social.

Beacon Counseling is here to provide support to you and your children through the challenges.

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